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"Cheaper than Therapy"

Booking & Refund Policy

At Rage Out, our aim is to provide you with a enjoyable experience you’ll want to come back and do again. However, we are a business and as such need to ensure we are adequately staffed and all appropriate safety measures are in place for your experience.

By making a booking, it is assumed that you have read all and any terms of the venue and activity you would like to participate in. 
Your activity start time does not include a safety briefing or induction. PLEASE arrive at least 15 minutes BEFORE your start time to ensure you get the full length experience.

We do not refund purchased tickets and will only reschedule a booking with at least 24 hours notice by email of the start of the activity.

If you arrive late, we are still required to provide a safety briefing and induction, which may reduce your activity time.

If you are asked to leave the premises for inappropriate behaviour, you will not receive a refund and will not be able to reschedule your activity and may be banned from entering the premises in the future.

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