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"Cheaper than Therapy"

In the interest of safety, full disclosure and being completely upfront with our customers,
please read the following:

You will ALWAYS receive a minimum of 10 ‘smashable’ items such as glasses, plates or bottles. The type of items you get are subject to availability.

You will ALWAYS receive upto 3 ‘other’ items such as DVD players, laptops, small electrical appliances such as hair dryers or alarm clocks. We grade our ‘other’ items based on size, Small, Medium, Large.

During your induction, your Rage monitor will show you the items you have been allotted, if you are unhappy, we can swap them for other items, subject to availability.

From time to time, we have large flat screen TV’s that can be purchased to add to your Rage room experience, these will be available in store and priced accordingly.

If we are short of items to smash, we will call you before your booking and offer a rescheduled booking or refund.

You will be required to wear PPE to enter the Rage Rooms. Failure to wear PPE may result in your time being cut short.

A Rage Room experience is similar to a HIIT workout where you will get very hot, we highly recommend you dress appropriately. Please also wear sensible hard soled footwear with NO OPEN TOES as the premises may contain glass and the rooms almost definitely will. We cannot be held responsible for injury or damage to your footwear.

You are welcome to bring your own items, however please ensure you check our Rage Room Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section for more information on suitability. If you bring items, we deem unsuitable, they will not be allowed to be taken into the room and you will need to take them with you when you leave. Please also note, we do not have parking at the venue so you may need to carry anything you bring, from a public car park
Our Rage Rooms are suitable for a maximum of 2 people only.

Age Restrictions are imposed by our insurance provider. Currently, the minimum age is 10 years old. If you would like to book a Duo Rage Room for 2 under 18’s, please ensure you book the UNDER 18 DUO RAGE ROOM.

If you are late, you may not get the full 30 minutes in the Rage Room as other customers may have booked immediately after your experience. A refund will not offered or given

Amendments to bookings can only be done upto 24 hours BEFORE your booking is due to start as we staff the venue according to the bookings we have. Amendments to your booking can be made by clicking MY BOOKINGS from the menu at the top of this page.

We do not give refunds for any reason other than we have not been able to provide the items we have advertised as part of your booking

We want you to have fun, feel free to ask us any questions prior to booking via our Contact Us page

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