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"Cheaper than Therapy"


Book a session in our RAGE Room for a 30-minute destructively therapeutic experience.

Select your weapon from hammers baseball bats and crow bars and an appropriate soundtrack to enhance your experience by choosing from one of our curated playlists or choosing an artist you want to hear or play your own Spotify playlist.

Our rooms have a variety of breakable objects, and we provide safety gear to ensure your safety.

Release your built-up stress without worrying about the mess or judgement in a safe environment.

Make a Bad Day great with a Rage Room at Rage Out

Rage Room's

Book a 60 minute Axe Throwing session and it doesn’t matter whether you are a Viking Warrior or if you’ve never held an Axe Before, you’ll certainly have FUN! 

We can (almost, maybe, definately try to) get you to throw a Bullseye regardless of how good you are

Pregnant women are not permitted to enter a Rage Room or take part in Axe Throwing any way.
If we feel you under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will be refused entry without refund


Axe Throwing

**** Under 18’s Duo Rage Rooms require a Responsible adult to supervise the Rage Room experience and remain within the premises of during the experience


*** Under 18’s MUST be accompanied by a participating adult (over 18)


** You can bring your own items when the following conditions are met:

Only 1 person is required to carry the item
Does not contain gas, liquid or soil (of any kind)
Does not contain loose or fixed concrete, stone or aggregate (of any kind)
All external cables/cords have been removed
Is not a compressed gas/liquid container (e.g fire extinguishers)
No Microwaves / Big Back TVs / Refrigeration Products

If you are unsure, please send us some photos with a brief description of the item(s) to
We reserve the right to disallow items to be taken into a Rage Room


* Subject to item size and availability

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A Non Refundable 2.5% booking fee is added at checkout per booking

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are you located?

Our address is:
89 Bank Street in Maidstone.

We are just down the road from the Metro Bank & Costa Coffee and right next door to The Brenchley pub

There is lots of public parking within 5-10 minutes of the venue and NO direct parking at the venue.

When should i arrive?

10/15 minutes is more than enough. Your briefing will start at your allocated time slot and then we will get you set up and ready to smash! However we do have a liability “I won’t be silly” waiver that needs to be signed beforehand

For example, your slot starts at 4:00pm and you arrive at 3:45pm, complete our ‘I wont be silly’ forms and you’re good to go for 4pm.

DO NOT BE LATE – We have lots of bookings back to back so if you’re late you will lose smashing time SORRY.

What is a Rage Room?

A rage room, aka an anger room or smash room is an entertainment venue where participants can smash and break things such as glasses, plates, electronics in a controlled and safe manner. The experience is exhilarating and also therapeutic.

We try to include some bigger items such as TVs, laptops and computers but they cannot always be guaranteed. 

You can also bring your own items, however some items are restricted.

If you’d like to bring your own smashables, please see the next FAQ – Can i bring my own items?

How much stuff do we get to smash?

Our current packages ALL come with the following as a minimum:

  • At least 10 smashables ( glasses, plates, etc)
  • 2-3 “other” items such as kettles, toasters, DVD players, etc

What you get is purely based on we can get and you may substitute 1 item for 2 or 3 smaller items or 2 normal sized items for a large item.

We occasionally get TV’s, laptops and computer screens that we deem as “special items” and these can be purchased on the day in the venue. 

If you have an opportunity to bring your own items, please do but make sure they are suitable by checking out our “Can I bring my own items to smash?” question below

Where do you get the items that are smashed in the Rage Rooms?

Our most commonly asked question … contrary to popular belief, we do not get items from the tip – It’s forbidden for starters!
We buy the donated items that CANNOT be sold in charity shops due to age, not working, failed PAT testing etc this saves Charity Shops the cost of disposal and we do our bit to help over 50 charities across the county!

Around 10% of the items we smash, are donated by our lovely customers who would rather not take a trip to to the local tip and also they know we do everything we can to ensure the remains are recycled.

Can I bring my own items to smash?

Yes! you are welcome to bring cups, plates, glasses etc and bring as many as you can carry. You can also bring electronic items that meet the following guidelines.

  • Requires only 1 person to carry the item
  • Does not contain liquid, gas or aggregates of any kind or amount.
  • All batteries have been removed.
  • No Big Back (old style) TVs
  • No Microwaves
  • No Power tools
  • No fridges or items that may contain coolant (ice cream makers)

Please bear in mind that we do not have in site parking and the closest public parking is approx. 5 minutes walk away.

Please enquire through our contact us page for more information.

What is your cancellation and Refund Policy?

For full details, please read our Booking Policy Page here.

This page covers:
– Bookings
– Deposits
– Discounts
– Cancellations
– Refunds

Can I change the date or time of my booking?

You most certainly can … simply scroll to the top of this page and click MY BOOKINGS from the menu. You will e required to login, please use the EMAIL Address you provided at booking at then click FORGOT PASSWORD, you’ll be sent a Reset Password email so you can reset and then login to change your booking.

Are you wheelchair friendly

We are indeed!
The Rage Rooms and Axe Throwing lanes however they are not suitable for more than 1 wheelchair at a time.

Can I record my experience?

We have CCTV camera’s (for your friends or family to watch) and camera mounts attached around the venue and within the rooms and lanes. Hook up your phone, press record and vent your rage or hit that bullseye.

COMING SOON: Purchase the Action Cam footage of your Rage Experience.

Don’t forget to tag us on Facebook and Instagram please.

How do i book a Rage Room?

Click on our BOOK NOW page, choose the activity you would like, select your date and time, select your number of guests (Ragers), fill out your contact and billing details and that is you all good to go. Just remember to arrive 15 minutes BEFORE your scheduled start time.

Can I do a Rage Room and Axe Throwing?

You can do anything you want if you really put your mind to it! but, Yes, you’ll be offered to add another experience to your booking during the checkout process. We can’t guarantee you’ll get a slot immediately after your first experience finishes, but check out the available slots. A rage room is 30 minutes and axe throwing is 60 minutes, so please book accordingly.

What should I wear?

Be sensible, please wear comfortable closed-toe shoes that cover the whole foot. Heels, sandals and flip flops aren’t allowed … and we HIGHLY recommend NOT wearing footwear that you would be upset if they we’re scuffed, scratched, marked, stained etc during the experience

We will supply all of the protective gear you will need. So please cover your tootsies

What happens on the day?

On arrival you will check in with the team. You will receive a safety briefing induction. The team will get you fitted in your safety gear and then lead you to your dedicated rage room. Here you can either choose a type of music/artist to play into the room or we can play your spotify playlist into the room, choose your weapons of destruction and have at it at the smashables.

Your booking is for 30 minutes of smash time – providing you arrive on time!

Is there an Age Restriction?

Due to the nature of the experience, our insurance requires the youngest participant to be at least 10 years old AND 1.4 mtrs tall – NO EXCEPTIONS. Some weapons are not available to persons under 18.

If you are lucky (or unlucky) enough to not look your age, we may ask for ID as proof of age – we suggest those lucky/unlucky people bring a passport.

Can I play my own music?

Each of our Rage Rooms has a speaker that is connected to it’s own dedicated Spotify account. You can either:

  • Choose from one of our curated playlists
  • Choose an artist you want to hear
  • Bring your own playlist (min. 30 minutes and ensure it is public) and we’ll play it into the room for you!

Our rooms currently only support SPOTIFY

What happens to the smashed items?

A magical fairy comes in every night, cast’s a little spell and the smashed items are transported to a trusted recycling partner.

Is it safe?

We provide you with all the safety gear you require to minimise the potential for injuries during the activity, as well as give you advice and tips, however, some common sense is required from you.

Who would of thought jumping out of a plane with a big bed sheet in a backpack and not doing anything until you have counted to 5, would be a good idea?

I'm pregnant, can i take part?

Unfortunately due to the nature of the rage room experience, we cannot permit anyone that is pregnant to take part. This is for health & safety reasons as there can be an awful lot of debris flying around and … our insurance says so!

Why not book a slot for after the baby has arrived?